Moving between Slovenia and England

I moved back to Slovenia in 2007 where I stayed till 2011. I travelled to Mexico, USA and other dream destinations during this time. I worked in marketing, schools and as a translator in the country that Huffington Post writer Lizzie Davey, describes as a magical land, but I knew that a traditional life is not something that I want and neither did the frozen salary increase in education  enthrall me. I never wanted to always depend on the bank of mum and dad.

In 2010 I applied for a position of an English Language Teacher in one of the best summer schools in Oxford and landed a six week residential teacher position. Getting the job was neither an easy nor a quick process as I started preparing for it the year before. In 2009 I passed the CELTA training and exam, which qualifies me to teach English anywhere in the world and in April or May the next year I went through a couple of phone and Skype interviews and tests. Luckily, I was successful and the post opened the door to my move to England a bit further.

The school I worked at was great and I met a number of fantastic people who I hope to call friends for life. Summer ended and I returned to Slovenia for a year and took a job as an English and German teacher in a primary school. My days were extremely long as I taught in the morning and took on private courses in the afternoon. I filled my evenings and weekends with writing lesson plans, correcting students’ work and learning about new techniques to use in the classroom. I enjoyed working in schools as there is no bigger reward than a bright smile on your students’ faces when they finally grasp a concept or use the irregular verb correctly. It wasn’t the lack of enjoyment that made me leave my employment, it was the thought of always having to work two to three jobs to fund my hunger for travel and not being able to afford my own place. As luck would have it I was already offered the same summer school position as the year before, so in July 2011 I packed my bags and sat onto an EasyJet flight back to London and then Oxford.

The summer school of 2011 was pretty much like the year before, our students came from all sorts of background and from every possible country imaginable. The only change was me. Despite my suitcase only containing summer clothes I decided that this time I’m not going back. End of August 2011 I set off on a new adventure. I moved to London.

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