Things to do in London this weekend – 29th & 30th August

Bank Holiday Weekend! I’m super excited, so excited that I actually booked Friday off and now have 4 days of freedom ahead of me. No alarm clocks, no rush hour tube journeys and plenty of time to think about the blog, write, read, eat and drink. As a matter of fact blogging with a Mojito and a bowl of vegetable crisps is slowly becoming a favourite. And there’s plenty going on this weekend, Notting Hill Festival being one of the most famous events that hit the streets of London at the end of August. So, what are some of the things to do in London this weekend?

Things to do in London this Saturday, 29th August 2015

Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush and in Stratford City has so much on that you can spend the entire weekend over there, even if you’re not on a shopping spree. From LEGO Imagination Factory, Nintendo Summer Tour to walking on the red carpet and being treated to an A-List paparazzi experience and a free music festival, there’s no way you’ll be bored. And if you are, as I said, go and do some shopping 🙂 Try your building skills for free in the LEGO world or play some exciting new games on Nintendo. E Experience will show you what a life of a celebrity is and you get to share your paparazzi images on social media and of course the music lovers also get their share of the fun with the music cube.

The Sky Garden


No time to head to the Mediterranean? Head to the Roof East for this weekend’s event, Boulers. Enjoy the sun (we’ll soon miss it), the view, sip a delicious cocktail  and listen to some of London’s DJs. And of course you can join in a game of pétanque.

And it’s food festival time, well paragraph 🙂 BBC Good Food Festival takes place in Hampton Court Palace this bank holiday weekend. See your favourite chefs and presenters such as Paul Hollywood (well,it’s Bake Off season after all), Hemsley + Hemsley and Michel Roux Jr. There’s also family entertainment for those with children and adult tickets are £17.50.

Foie Gras Burgers Preparation

Foie Gras Burgers Preparation

If you ever longingly stare at climbing frames and the like thinking I wish they were around when I was little then you can let the child in you go crazy at Slides and Scoops in Hackney this Saturday. As an adult you usually can’t use the abundance of adventure playgrounds in London, but this is our chance. Slide down the slides, play in sandpits, take over a pirate ship, you name it. And all the time you can sip a cocktail. It’s free, but yo have to RSVP that you’re coming.

Things to do in London this Sunday, 30th August 2015

Need I say anything? Notting Hill Carnival anyone? A two day celebration of Caribbean culture, a bucketful of fun. music, dance, food, the biggest street party ever going on for two days. If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for? See the summer off in style.

If you’re not in the mood for the carnival, then you can go for a walk in Covent Garden, where they have released 100,000 white balloons a new art installation by Charles Pétillon. It’s 54 metres long and reminds of a giant cloud. It’s on for a month.

Covent Garden Balloons

Covent Garden Balloons ©

Fancy an outdoor dip? I don’t as it’s not nearly warm enough, but if you do head to King’s Cross Pond.

King's Cross Pond

King’s Cross Pond ©

Family friendly pyrotechnic programme. Somehow those words don’t fit together. But if you go to the Royal Gunpowder Mills this weekend, your day’s definitely going to be a blast. The Big Bang Weekend is going to be filled with experiments, rocket launches and explosions. You get to learn how explosions are done in films and on TV and you can even have a go at making and firing compressed air rockets and racing water pressure propelled track rocket.

As always, there’s plenty to do in London this weekend and even if you’re not into events, just head out and make the most of the good weather while we still have some.


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