Sightseeing in London – Around Camden Town

This last weekend was brilliant, but also packed full of activities and sightseeing in London. I wrote about cheap things to do in London before, where to go for a free view, I described great walks and I keep posting weekend ideas, and other useful stuff if you’re heading this way. I’ll add a bit to that today.

There's always time for coffee and cake. #skygarden #coffee #cake #coffetime #delicious #instafood #foodphotography #instacoffee #coffeebreak

One of my friends from back home was here for a few days, so we planned as many activities as we thought would be possible to cram into the weekend. We went to Skygarden and enjoyed coffee and cakes (and of course the view), we took a walk to the Millennium Bridge and walked to Tate Modern where we checked out the Empty Lot exhibition.

Empty Spaces - Sightseeing in London

Empty Lot is on display in the Turbine Hall (free entry) and it’s an installation by the Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas, who’s famous for creating sculptures by experimenting with different materials. This exhibition consists of a great number of triangular wooden planters filled with different types of earth. The artist didn’t plant anything, but you can see things growing. What grows is the result of whatever was already in the earth, whatever is brought in with the help of wind, draught and even with the help of whatever people throw in the planters.

The Refinery - Sightseeing in London

All the walking and culture are a bit exhausting, so I booked afternoon tea at The Refinery. I always book afternoon teas via this website as they often offer great deals and discounts for amazing hotels, restaurants and tea places. And it was great. We paid £13.50 for tea (or coffee if you prefer it), 3 different types of sandwiches (they do vegetarian option too if you ask), scones with cream and jam, brownies and tiny eclairs. It was too much food for us to even finish, but it was delicious.

Afternoon Tea at the Refinery

Afternoon Tea at The Refinery

The Refinery - Afternoon Tea in London

We decided to go to the theatre to see Zoë Wanamaker and Sir Kenneth Branagh in All On Her Own/Harlequinade at the Garrick theatre. The tickets were fairly expensive, which is what you can expect in London, but if you have time or are not too bothered about what you go and see, it’s worth going to the theatres in the morning and asking for day tickets. Day tickets are often cheaper, but sometimes, you’ll have to wait for the lottery (musicals such as The Book of Mormon are very popular, so they take your phone number and inform you whether you won the chance to purchase a day ticket rather than selling them on a first come first serve).


Camden Market

Regent's Canal

Regent’s Canal

Sunday was a bit more relaxing as we headed to Camden Town. As you can imagine Camden is always packed full of people who come there to look at incredible facade, grab a bite to eat from one of the numerous stalls or buy some alternative items. We weren’t interested in that, so we decided to walk along the Regent’s Canal for a bit and then head to Primrose Hill to enjoy some unspoiled (and free) views of London.

Primrose Hill

View from Primrose Hill. Can you spot the London Eye and the Shard?

City from Primrose Hill

View of the City and Canary Wharf to the left

If you’re not a fan of crowds, there’s a great number of cafes, pubs and restaurants in Primrose Hill area that you’ll love. We stopped for teas and coffees at a friendly local Italian cafe, which is one of many I could recommend.

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