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Hi all, it’s been quite a while. And I haven’t been neglecting this blog, but so much has happened in the last two or three months that I simply didn’t have time to update my poor blog. I know this is the silliest of excuses, but there it is.  If you want to know what I’ve been up to and future plans, then read on.

In November I took a break from writing, not because I wanted to, but because Ben and I took a 2+week holiday to a country that’s been on my list of places to visit since Secondary School. And who says you shouldn’t dream? I can tell you that dreams do come true, you just have to work hard to make them come true. I’ll try to prevent myself from rambling. We headed to Cuba beginning of November and it was one of the most amazing holidays ever. If you want to read about our adventure, please check out my new blog London Damsel. I’m in the process of writing a few posts on Cuba as I’ve got too much material for just a single one.

Classic Car - Dream Holiday In Cuba



I was asked why I’m even starting a new blog since people already know about London Beginnings. Well, it’s quite simple really. When I started London Beginnings, my aim was to help people who’re thinking about moving to London (mostly from Slovenia as that’s exactly what I did), but then I wanted the blog to be so much more. I expanded it into a bilingual one (believe me it’s a lot of work to write posts in two languages), then I wanted to share my love of books, and clothes, and cooking, and eating out and my life in general. And all of that kind of drew me away from what I wanted London Beginnings to be. And then London Damsel was born. London Beginnings is now going back to its original aim, writing about moving to London and things to do in London at the weekend or in a month or just at anytime when you’re over here. And London Damsel is all I’m interested in, it’s all about Damsel Cooks, Damsel Reads, Damsel Travels, Damsel Styles, Damsel’s Life in London and such. It’s about things I love and am interested in. And London Beginnings is my very own London Guide… or will be very soon.

So please do come back and I promise to keep writing.





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