Love to Eat

I have said that I love all things food a few times on this blog, so I figured I may as well try and write about my foodie adventures, maybe even add a few reviews of places I love to visit. And since this secondary blog is not only about moving to London, which I targeted mostly at my fellow Slovenians, I decided I’ll use English (and it will prevent me from dying of laughter every time we use Google translate when Ben decides to read my Slovenian ramblings).

Let me just say that I am no professional cook and neither do most of my creations look stunning. I just love to eat and also cook and bake and go to restaurants and cafes and and and… I sometimes follow recipes, but then put my own twist on the end product (mostly because I realize I don’t have all the ingredients or really don’t like the taste of some) or I open the fridge and come up with an idea based on what is in there and hasn’t gone moldy. Luckily, Ben is a grateful recipient of all of my experiments and he rarely complains, so I guess I’m doing something right.

I’m also no professional photographer of stylist and unless otherwise specified the photos are my own, taken with my two years old Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Hopefully I’ll inspire someone to experiment a bit more in the kitchen.

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